Mom's Who Market

We are a marketing, networking, and product promotions company. We help grow business facebook fan counts via Facebook ladder networking. We also do product reviews and promotions.

We are also recruit consultants to sell products as independent consultants for various companies, so if you are a mom (or anyone) looking to make some extra money, please feel free to contact me at any time. There are many work at home options available, many with no cost to start!

In addition to promoting products and networking, you'll see that I share some other fun stuff. Things like funny jokes, yummy recipes, and just unique things about life. I'm sarcastic, positive, quote-a-holic, worry-wart, and old-fashioned. I'm truly happy to have you with me, thank you for being a part of my journey! Below you will find all the direct links to the companies that I am a rep from, take a peak around, and buy some amazing items. Jewelry in Candles Body Tightening & Body Wraps Personalized Gifts Baking Kits & Mixes Avon Independent Sales Representative Custom Cornhole Boards - Bean Bag Toss Game!/~/category/id=6298002&offset=0&sort=normal

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